Mochrie's Whoser Con 2000 Photo Album
-- Whoser Group Photos - Gallery 2 --

The Whosers In Large Quantities! All Whosers All The Time!

The Whosers posing with Devil Al after the TheatreSports performance at Second City. Top row: Kath#1, Joe, Jules, Jeff, Devil Al, Nick, Angie, Rob. Bottom row: Sue B, Emile, Kath#2.

The entire Whoser entourage outside the doors of Second City.

The Whosers have taken Bremner Blvd. by force! Top row: Kim, Kath#1, Nick, Angie, Jeff K, Lauren, Lynn, Jules. Bottom row: Sue B, Kath#2, Emile.

The Whosers ... a CULT?!?!

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