Mochrie's Whoser Con 2000 Photo Album
-- "Appetizer" Sample Pictures - Gallery 1 --

A brief taste of some highlights from Whoser Con 2000!

Our Whoser Con 2000 Committee, who we should raise a cheer for making this year's con an overwhelming success! From left to right: Sharilyn, Jules, JeffyB, Tracy and Shella.

A tranquil Whoser scene. From left to right: Lynn, Kim, Kath#1, Sue B, Kath#2, Rob, Emile and Angie.

Whoser Group shot, taken outside the Second City Theatre. If you think I'm going to identify everyone, forget it! :)

Whosers at Harbourfront Improv show. Left to right: Lynn, Sue B, Dave Pearce (one of the performers), Kath, Emile and Angie.

Sue B (on the right), up on stage, helping the improvisors in a game of Puppets, their version of Moving People.

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