Mochrie's WL Convention 2001 Website!
Top Ten Reasons For Coming To Whoser Con 4

10. "Your Con Com loves you."
9. "Joe can lead us anywhere on the TTC."
8. "You can look silly doing improv and still be applauded for it."
7. "Canadian drinking age is 19."
6. "Where else can you be with two dozen people who are as insane as you are?"
5. "See Emile do porno... year after year..."
4. "Americans get the Milk-In-A-Bag tour free!"
3. "Eaton Centre is fine eatin'!"
2. "Colin did his dinosaur impression here."

What Do We Have Here?

This website features pictures and audio clips of the fun that took place during the 2001 Whoser Convention in Toronto. This site also will feature links to the other Whoser Convention websites on the web!

Some Con 2001 Quotes

- "*insert any ol' mundane expression*...IF you know what I mean!"
- "Beckers Standard Time."
- " a swan!...Turn off your bloody cellphones!"
- "Have you ever done...yellowjackets?"
- "If the horse is dead, dismount!"
- "I've been basketweaving for 18 minutes."
- "Look out for the Psychos in the purple shirts!"
- "Show me... your... Canadian... mascot!"