Mochrie's WL Convention 2002 Website!
Top Ten Signs The Show You're Watching Is NOT Whose Line

10. Poor use of props gets you voted off the island.
9. The emergency room doctors did not use to be farmers.
8. The phone-a-friend isn't crouching behind the host with a voice-changing microphone.
7. The hoedown music is played by Roy Clark on banjo.
6. The dead bodies aren't being manipulated by Colin.
5. The weird newscasters are named Peter Jennings and Barbara Walters.
4. Audience participation consists of holding up "John 3:16" sign.
3. Mr. Brady has a really bad perm and Greg is wearing high heels.
2. It's the show with a highly-paid six-member cast that wins the timeslot Thursdays at 8 (7 Central).
1. The points DO matter!!!

What Do We Have Here?

This website features pictures, video clips and audio clips of the fun that took place during the 2002 Whoser Convention in Toronto.

Some Con 2002 Quotes

- "Welcome to the Midland Marsh!"
- "Polyester is the gateway fabric!"
- "Mom always told me never let a stranger put something on your kite."
- "You never know when a drunk man's gonna kiss your tattoo!"
- "The proper response is 'Just Ask Joe!'"
- "Gimme two Eiffel Towers and you can get the deluxe Pffffffft!"
- "I want to go to the...cow..."
- "Speak up please, I'm shagging my neighbour."
- "Where do you want the appetizer?" "Just put it on Centre Ice."
- "So, Emile isn't allowed to use the letters L, E or F in this game." "Uck you!"

(More to come soon)