Mochrie's WL Convention 1999 Website!
Top Ten Whoser Chat-Up Lines

10. "Hey baby, what's your e-mail address?"
9. "They don't call me Bulge Temptingly for nothing."
8. "Nice shoes, wanna improvise?"
7. "Hey studmuffin, wanna play Let's Make A Date?"
6. "You don't want to go out with me? CHANGE!"
5. "Hey cutie, I can recite the dialogue of the entire first season."
4. "Has anyone ever told you that you look just like John Sessions?"
3. "Wanna see where I had the show's logo tattooed?"
2. "Why yes, that is a picture of me with Ryan Stiles plastered to my forehead!"
1. "Wanna hear a hoedown?"

So What's All This Then?

This website features various pictures taken during the 1999 Whoser Convention in Toronto. This site also includes links to the other Whoser Convention websites on the web!

A Few Convention Quotes

U ( ) Oo.
Git in mah BAGUETTE!!
I'm dead sexy!!
I've been corrupted!!